Raw Video – Crazy Attack At Manhattan McDonalds

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A fight over an order at a Manhattan McDonald’s leads to complete chaos and it was all caught on tape .

The video contains images and audio of a graphic nature.

The stunning incident featured a cashier with a criminal past violently beating two female customers after they appear to provoke him by slapping him and then hopping the counter.

It was a horrific scene to watch. The cashier disappears into the back of the fast-food restaurant on West Fourth Street in Greenwich Village before returning with a metal rod he then used viciously on the two customers.

The gruesome act of violence early Thursday morning escalated after the customers argued and yelled obscenities at the cashier when he questioned a $50 bill they gave him.

One of the female customers then slapped the cashier. A woman is then seen jumping over the counter, while the other woman goes behind the register. They are then savagely attacked.

Other customers watched in horror as other McDonald’s workers tried unsuccessfully to stop the violence.

One female customer has a fractured skull and a broken arm. The other has a deep cut.


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