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Ron Schiller sting: Would NPR stations survive without Ron Schiller sting: Would NPR stations survive without NPR executive was caught on camera lambasting the Tea Party as “seriously racist” Ron Schiller , Former NPR Fundraiser, Caught On Tape Bashing Tea … A former NPR fundraiser was caught harshly criticizing the Tea Party, defending the firing of Juan Williams and saying that NPR would be better off without government funding in a sting operation that caught on tape. (Watch video below. James O'Keefe Punks NPR With Muslim Brotherhood Stunt? | TPMDC In the video released by O’Keefe’s “Project Veritas,” Ron Schiller , president of the NPR foundation, delivers a laundry list of liberal complaints against the Tea Party and remains quiet as the fake donors complain about Jewish control … NPR's Ron Schiller admits NPR funding not needed. | RedState This is, after all, what writer Neal Stephenson calls The Age of Scrutiny: there is no such thing as a private conversation or opinion any more. Like that. Fired or 'Left?' Discrepancies In How Ron Schiller Parted with NPR … NPR’s soon-to-be-departing senior vice president for fundraising Ron Schiller is seen and heard on a videotape released this morning telling two men who were posing as members of a fictitious Muslim Education Action Center Trust that … … Ron Schiller Resignation | NPR Video | James O'Keefe | Mediaite The fallout from the undercover video of NPR executives began with NPR’s response and now Mediaite has learned that NPR is soon to release the following statement.: CristyLi says: NPR Fires Ron Schiller After Racist Rant

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